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K&C in Kansas City: The Field Report

“Please consider my chariot, the shotgun seat is free The radio reads kilohertz, but girl that’s all we’ll need The taillight’s busted, the fender’s rusted, the gears they number three But though this carriage is old it’s built to last just wait and see” ~ [...]

Who are the Flash Nites?

The same FN you know and love. Just with a little something extra. Nearly a decade ago, while staring at a huge pile of Polaroid instant images amassed from years of travel along Route 66, Chris gathered that the best way to put them to use was to create a book, a book aptly titled, […]

Night in the Life of a Night Photographer

Well, here we were, already three hours into our attempt. Considering we had already paid our weight in Illinois tolls, we decided against turning around. Onward we traveled. At least we’d see the place...make sure it hadn’t been destroyed by the recent tornados that ravaged the vicinity.

The Penquin Drive-In

This incredible building would not be out of place on Route 66 or the Lincoln Highway. But it certainly felt out of place amidst the modern big box and chain stores. It was as if the town of Manitowoc held this gem near and dear--protected it while its equally historic, former surrounding [...]

Pulling Back the Curtain

If this isn't Photoshop, then how do you do it?

We get a lot of questions about our work, but this is the most asked, by a landslide. We answer with various bits about the moonlight, the science of long exposure, the bright colors of our flashlights, [...]

or find a post below

or find a post below