Uptown Seats – Wisconsin

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Upon arrival, it seemed like the entire place was locked up solid. We pushed through bramble bushes and scrambled up sheer, muddy cliffs as we attempted to find side doors to sneak through. After about a dozen full-circles around the gigantic building, we decided to hang our heads and leave. Suddenly…a lightbulb moment. We checked one more spot and there was the opening as obvious as day. The only thing? The “entry” required quite a bit of the Fat Man’s Squeeze, completely down on our bellies, slithering face-first in the mud no less. No turning back…we pushed through! The theatre was truly void of any and all light; the ideal black canvas to create some rad artwork! After some quality time light-painting the massive theatre space, we climbed up to the balcony and found rows of old seats in one clump to the right. From that perspective, we really took in the enormity of the place. We set up shop to shoot the seats, but because of the tight composition, the camera and I were shoved right up against what was left of the balcony railing. Nothing else separated me from certain oblivion. But I had to put it out of my mind as Katie danced around in the pitch dark location–lush purple and neon lemon-lime flashlights in hand–without any fear whatsoever.

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